Transaction Sync

If subscribed to Premium, seamlessly sync transactions from your financial institutions. Typically up to 24 months can be retrieved. The transaction list is seperated by day and will show amount spent and total earned.

Spent by Location

Quickly see how much you spent using a map. As you zoom and pan, the total amount for the region will update. This comes in handy if you travel often and need to find that place you've been thinking so much about.

Custom Budgets

Keeping track of expenses is a big part of financial responsibility. seventytwo's budgeting feature allows you to create specific budgets that fit your specific needs. Track all spending or filter on specific Payees, Categories, and/or Tags.

Split Transactions

It's not ideal to lump an entire transaction into a “Shopping” category. With a split transaction, divy up amounts by category. Perfect when handling a grocery trip transaction.


Add multiple tags to a single transaction. This is helpful when you're on vacation and don't want to create a “Vacation Food” category. There are many other uses cases for tags such as Business Expense, Tax Deductible, Venmo, etc.

Custom Categories

seventytwo allows you to create custom categories with the ability to chose a color and icon.

Detailed Metrics

View detailed metrics for Payees, Categories, and Tags. View monthly amount, average, largest transaction, spent today, and more. See all the locations and a list of associated transactions.

iPad Support

See more information when viewing on your iPad.

CSV Export

Export your data in CSV format and use Excel or Google Sheets to create your own charts and dashboard.

You can export all transactions in a table format, and include Payees, Categories, and Tags along with the sum of transaction amounts.